Music Production Showreel - Lee House
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"Amazing process when you turn an emotion into a song and then a producer turns the song back into that emotion!
"Lee is the most incredible producer I've ever worked with! He's taken my tracks to a level I could never have hoped to reach"
"I have worked with a few producers over the few years but Lee really engaged with my music like no other and I felt inspired whilst working with him.
"Lee took a simple idea and made it into something extraordinary, his vision has no limits!"
"It was a collaborative effort between the two of us which made for such a unique sound that I love and probably wouldn’t have discovered without stepping outside my comfort zone"
Lee is very intuitive. He has a talent for thinking ahead and making the most out of a session; his versatility has ensured that every second counts.
"Lee knew exactly what we wanted and how to get it; he makes precise suggestions to get a performance that matches the vibe of the song perfectly"
"I'm so happy with the direction that Lee has taken my songs, he's taken them to another level"
Mixing & Mastering Showreel - Lee House
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"No one has been able to mix out records and improve the dynamics of our sound like Lee; he's our go-to man!"
“We got loads of pitches on the project. Everything went very smoothly and Lee did an excellent job!”
"Lee is one of the most reliable and professional mixing engineers I've ever worked with. He always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is how I like it"
"You do a great job my man! Awesome mixing! Love your work!"
"Lee's range of talents from producing to engineering to composing means he can turn his hand to most projects and the final product is always fop quality"
"Lee has very specialised vocal production skills and I can  always trust him to create outstanding vocal mixes"
"Lee’s production is second to none. Everything he’s produced for Remembering August has blown me away. It’s simple production, but multi-layered and never fails to deliver the perfect punch!"
"Working with Lee was incredibly easy, he really understood my music and the recording process seemed to come together very naturally."