A uniquely modern music producer who is quickly establishing himself for his fresh sounding pop production and superb engineering dexterity; Lee has wide array of skills at his disposal including electronic sound design, beat programming, orchestral composition and vocal expertise as an accomplished singer in his own right. He specialises in creating electronically driven music with close attention paid to synthesiser sound trends, however with years of experience as the lead audio engineer and producer at the established Cardiff based studio 'Acapela', he had the chance to work with many great acoustic and instrumental artists spanning over many different genres and has combined his passion for electronic music with his experience in acoustic music to create an exclusive and carefully blended combination that gives him a strong and unique identity that is grabbing the attention of fresh and upcoming artists looking to achieve chart ready productions that stand out.


As well as his outstanding music production, Lee has proven that he can apply is hand to all things music related with a proven track record in songwriting, film composition, sound engineering, live electronic performance and session vocals. For more information and examples of work please take a look in the 'services' section.