A uniquely modern composer whose musical diversity has enabled him to successfully compose for an ongoing CBeebies project ‘My Petsaurus’, co-compose a traditional ballet (The Light Princess) score alongside world renowned harpist Catrin Finch, produce a synth-driven thriller score for Amazon Prime short film ‘Billy’ and provide a range of music and songs for synchronization with programmes featured on BBC and Channel 4 productions. Lee has a wide array of skills at his disposal including traditional orchestral composition, electronic synthesised sound design, beat programming, songwriting and also vocal expertise as an accomplished singer in his own right.



"Finding the intrinsic link between moving image and sound is not a task fulfilled bysomeone solely with an understanding of music, it is a process realized by catalytically channeling emotion through the senses of empathy into an expression of sound; my role is not merely that of a songwriter, I am a dramatist, an empathist"


By fusing his knowledge and experience of orchestral composition, electronic manipulation and audio synthesis, Lee challenges himself to create music that emotes and moves people and is fascinated with exploring the ever-changing relationship between sound and image.

It has been quoted many times that music and sound is 50% of a film and with this in mind Lee places high importance on establishing a clear dialogue with the director in order to satisfy the creative intent of his/her vision whilst capturing the on-screen drama in musical form and also presenting a piece of music that can stand alone with credibility and originality.

Composition Excerpts - Lee House
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"You have a rare compositional talent, you will go far in this industry" - RICK SMITH (UNDERWORLD)
Working with Lee over the past few years has been a real pleasure. His range of talents from producing to engineering to composing means he can turn his hand to most projects, and I can rest assured the final product is always first class and top quality - CATRIN FINCH (UNIVERSAL RECORDS, SONY BMG)